We specialize in Clinical Customer Service, Prior Authorization, Pharmacy Coding, Billing, AR Follow-up, Denial Management & Rejections

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    On-Demand Healthcare Staff Outsourcing Services.

    We provide several Outsourced Healthcare Staffing Services, please contact us for specific services, we can tailor services
    based on your needs.

    Healthcare providers are outsourcing to save money, free-up resources, and maintain quality with exceptional patient care...

    Staffingly, Inc has secure delivery centers in India and Philippines, and we are HIPAA compliant.

    An expert-driven outsourcing process with relevant educational background is the key!

    Staffingly, Inc provides virtual staff outsourcing services to the Healthcare Industry. Staff members possess exceptional communication skills with educational backgrounds in healthcare. Many hold Master's Degrees in Healthcare and Doctorates in Pharmaceutical Sciences.


    An expert-driven outsourcing process with relevant educational background is the key!
    Say good-bye to Staff shortages and Costs!

    Say good-bye to Staff shortages and Costs!

    If Staff shortages, Callouts, Great American Resignations is damaging your business and patient care, it's time to scale your business up by outsourcing your business process, by hiring virtual staff.

    Mr. Ezriel Buxbaum

    Video Testimonials from Clients.

    Mr. Ezriel Buxbaum, Outsourcing Manager, SpecialtyRX

    Testimonial from the Outsourcing manager at SpecialtyRX, a large-scale LTC Pharmacy in the United States. We provide outsourcing services to their various departments, including Customer Service, RCM, Prior-Authorization, Medical Billing/Coding, General Administration.

    Numbers Speak.

    Tasks handled by our staff, updated in real-time.

    Customer Service


    Calls Handled

    Prior Authorization


    PAs Handled

    Data Entry


    Prescription Entries

    Medical Billing


    Bills/Claims Handled



    Tasks Handled

    How it works?

    Schedule a consultation with a staff outsourcing Expert.

    Connect with a staff Outsourcing Specialist to discuss your staff requirements.

    Interview your future staff and hire them.

    You will receive suitable candidates to review and interview within 48 hours.

    Hire and Induce your new staff to your business process.

    You are all set, and the staff is ready to work.

    Enjoy the benefits of extended staff and save Money.

    You can expect a saving of up to 70% on staffing costs.

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    Find out how Staffingly, Inc can help your Healthcare business can save 70% in Staffing
    Costs and improve efficiency!

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