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Our staff seamlessly works with you to reduce your workload on the time-consuming health insurance pre-authorization process. Staffingly, Inc can assist your organization as an extended staff to streamline your prior authorization process to increase revenues while saving 70% in staffing costs. You can opt for a single outsourced staff member for your prior authorization process support, or we can also help with team sourcing for large-volume healthcare providers.

As a healthcare provider, you should focus on patient care and maximize revenues. Unfortunately, the insurance pre-authorization or prior-authorization process requires several person-hours and constant follow-ups to avoid issues with carriers and denials.


Serving as your employees


Our staff can act as an extended arm to support the prior-authorization process, reporting to you. Every PA staff member becomes a part of your workforce, serving as your employee so you can always provide exceptional patient care and support. Fortunately, for a fixed hourly or monthly fee without the hassles of payroll, benefits.


Background of our Staff – Know your hires!


Our Staff members possess exceptional communication skills with educational backgrounds in healthcare, nursing, and pharmacy. Many hold master’s Degrees in Healthcare and Doctorates in Pharmaceutical Sciences, including United States licensed pharmacists on staff.


Avoid common challenges of the prior-authorization process


According to the 2019 AMA PA physician survey, almost 91% of patients experience delayed treatment due to delays in the PA process. These delays resulted in serious problems, rehospitalization, and patient treatment interruptions, which increased the healthcare cost of the payer and the patients.

Our experienced and trained staff will help overcome the delays in determining PA requests. Our PA specialists and coders are crucial in submitting the appropriate data for claim approvals.


The 360 Degrees of pre-authorization process


Our staff has the necessary experience and knowledge to handle the prior-authorization process.

  • Receive patient schedules from the provider.
  • Jump into action as soon as patient data is transmitted/received.
  • Entry of patient demographic information
  • Verification of coverages and benefits from the patient’s primary and secondary payers
  • Utilize proper ICD and CPT codes to avoid delays and eliminate denials
  • Initiate prior authorization process to obtain an approval
  • Update the provider’s RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) System
  • Verify and Process denials for resubmission


Benefits of outsourcing Prior Authorization Services.


Staffingly, Inc is one of the best prior authorization service providers with years of experience, our founders and advisors have expertise and background in outsourcing staffing services and healthcare.

Pre-authorizations performed through an outsourced service are facilitated between your clinic and the payer by a third party, which is exactly what it sounds like (such as insurance companies or Medicaid). To get prior authorization for inpatient and outpatient operations and pre-certifications for hospital admissions, the third-party organization gathers patient information from your practice.

The fact that an outsourced pre-authorization service has created a centralized and streamlined procedure that tends to reduce any patient data inaccuracies is a benefit of their services. They specialize particularly in this type of work, so they are highly knowledgeable about the procedure and what needs to be done – unlike physicians and nurses who are attempting to balance this with the rest of their work!


An outsourcing firm will take care of tasks like:

  • The end-to-end pre-authorization process
  • Any necessary follow-up, for instance, if the doctor needs to provide further details for the pre-authorization.
  • Appeals against rejections, where appropriate.


Outsourcing the pre-authorization procedure is one way to free yourself from all the hassles.


Outsourcing the pre-authorization procedure is one way to free yourself from all the hassles.

Lower Operational Costs



Our outsourcing services are very affordable rates compared to local wages in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. We guarantee that you are operational 24/7 with up to 70% savings in staffing costs.


Data Security



We ensure that patient and other data is completely safe and secure.


HIPAA Compliance



Before we execute a contract for services, we first sign a HIPAA agreement to ensure that all the patient data is safe and not exposed to employees or third parties for misuse.


Maximize your Revenues



Our expertise in the process ensures that there are no write-offs or denials so you can maximize revenues.

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    Prior Authorization Process!

    Prior Authorization Process!

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